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Important notice: There is no private sale. 

EGG Warz game &
5999 unique Lazy Eggheads on blockchain backed by lazy token 


> AR Enabled Mask  

> Angry Bird Inspired Viral Game

> 10% Lazy Eggheads NFT revenue to be airdropped back to Lazy & Egghead Holders or burned

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It's year 2051, post-apocalyptic Earth has been taken over by gutter cats and bored apes , interplanetary humans have started to lose control over earth. Its time to activate lazy Eggheads which are hidden in different parts of the earth, these simple but lethal eggheads, when activated are capable of neutering and even killing these over populated new habitants. 

Mask Collection

Eggheads gets their first magical power of Augmented Reality  where you can go to special EG app and  put that mask on . Take your picture and join our forces to get control back to what is ours.

Egghead NFT doubles up as club Membership & future benefits apply accordingly

Masketeers logo_edited.png
Masketeers logo_edited.png
Masketeers logo_edited.png
Masketeers logo_edited.png

The Roadmap


Lazy Token launch and fund raised would be used to build Lazy Eggheads ecosystem


Lazy Egghead NFT public sale to lazy token holders followed by open sale

  • When 25% of the Lazy EggHead sell out, we launch EG AR APP and mint your AR mask, rules applies

At 50%  Lazy Egghead owners get to activate the egg to mint the z weapon (to be revealed at the right time)

  • 75% Eggheads sold Game launch, Time to take control back of what is right fully ours. Lazy token to be used as utility for the game.

Last 25%  lazy Egg heads sold would be used to buy back Lazy tokens from open market and airdrop/burn back to Lazy and egghead Holders

Enough said! Let's hit here first.  Game upgrades & community handover, merch etc.. will be decided in due course.

1000 EGs


1500 EGs

1.5 BNB

1500 EGs


1000 EGs

4.5 BNB

900 EGs

99 EGs


10 BNB

we start here

Coming Soon

Why Lazy Eggheads Club & Lazy Token

We have seen plenty of successful NFT projects, and they are great. However there is no great real life utility of these NFTs.

Lazy Egg Heads want to go to next level of use case of NFTs, where users not only can buy and trade their favourite EggHeads but also depending on the persona and interest Proud Egghead owner can use the NFT in real life in form of using AR filter and participate in Games.

At the same time Egg heads is the only project which is in true means community driven and for and by the community. Since as a lazy token hodler gets to earn the revenue generated by the project.

Lazy Token

Token utility

  • Get ahead of the queue

  • Members discounted rate 

  • Members only airdrops

  • In Game Purchases

  • NFT Farming

  • Buyback  & Burn



Quick Info

Egg warz is the Blockchain based  game about legendary story of Crypto Lazy Eggheads (EGs) who after long been ignored, fight along with humans to take back the control of the Earth. EGs are humans only chance.

cube gif.gif

Lazy Eggheads owners would have first 45 days to claim the same avatar with in the game.

Lazy Tokens would fuel the game in form of reward and winnings.

Lazy Tokens would fuel the game in form of reward and winnings.

Revenue earned would be used to buyback Lazy tokens to pay the winning ,rewards, airdrop  or burn the tokens.

Lazy egghead owners and lazy token holders would be given preference and would receive range of benefits for NFT airdrops,  Eggwarz and in future product and launches.

Coming Soon



100 000 000

tokens in total

Team token 6,000,000

Airdrop 3,000,000

Fund raised 

50 % of Fund would be used for development 

20 % of funds be used for marketing 

10 % of funds be kept as reserve

20% reserved for liquidity

More details soon...


three friends met the fourth one and thought of an amazing blockchain game which can be Fun and engaging yet simple. remember angry birds...

But in order to come out of their shells warmth of the community is needed.

Bulls eye Egghead: The Boss, everyone loves him though. 

Fried Egghead : Addicted to selling eggs, thinks world is a big egg. 

Designer Egghead: lol.. pure vegeterian. cant eat but loves designing eggs. 

Hard boiled egghead: Prepare new eggdishes everyday, hates sleep, love eggs.


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